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Australian Clinical Psychologist (ACP)

Journal of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)

The Australian Clinical Psychologist(ACP) journal seeks to  disseminate information, innovations, and practical applications related to the clinical psychological management and effective therapeutic interventions for individuals across the full life spectrum, families, and significant others. Its focus and scope is on the latest clinical theory and research relevant to clinical practice including assessment, treatment intervention, training, and professional issues.  The Australian Clinical Psychologist is published twice per year.

Editor: Professor Alexander Blaszczynski

School of Psychology, University of Sydney


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Distributed to ACPA Members and subscribers in Australia and internationally. Content may include manuscripts in any substantive area of clinical psychology


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Published Articles

Tanya Gilmartin

Introducing Radically Open-DBT (RO-DBT) as a Treatment for Maladaptive Over-Control

Erin Bulluss

Modified Schema Therapy as a Needs Based Treatment for Complex Comorbidities in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Clinical Insight Australia

Professional Development Opportunity: Managing Common Challenges in Integrated Family Intervention for Child Conduct Problems

Erika Penney, Brittany McGill, Chelsea Witham

Opinion Piece: Therapist Stigma towards Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Lessons Learnt from Borderline Personality Disorder

Janina Fisher

Trauma-Informed Stabilisation Treatment: A New Approach to Treating Unsafe Behaviour

Chris Irons, Sunil Lad

Using Compassion Focused Therapy to Work with Shame and Self-Criticism in Complex Trauma

Kim L. Felmingham

The Neurobiology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Recent Advances and Clinical Implications

Pat Dudgeon, Marshall Watson, Christopher Holland

Trauma in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population

Kelsey Hegarty, Traci Po-Yan Leung

Interventions to Support the Identification of Domestic Violence, Response and Healing In Mental Health Care Settings