Malpractice Insurance

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) requires all registered psychologists to be covered by insurance in accordance with the standard for all health professionals. The Standards for Insurance for Health Professionals can be found at:

Members of ACPA can purchase malpractice insurance from the Insurance House Group of Australia (IHG). This insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London and is comparable to other larger insurers in scope.

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Complimentary Malpractice Insurance for Student and Associate Members


Insurance House Group offers complimentary AHPRA compliant Malpractice insurance (includes Professional indemnity, Public and Product liability) for ACPA Student and Associate Members.

For Student Members the insurance covers work undertaken on supervised placements and clinical research work within your degree, or undertaken outside your program of study with approval from the Psychology Board of Australia. For Associate Members the cover is restricted to work undertaken having been granted an accredited post-graduate degree in  clinical psychology and applied for a Psychology Board of Australia Registrar program, or while  in the process of undertaking such a Registrar program. In all cases, you must be supervised by a clinical psychologist with post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology.

To obtain the complimentary insurance you must be a Student Member of ACPA or an Associate Member of ACPA. If your membership of ACPA lapses, your free insurance also lapses.   To apply for the complimentary insurance log into the ACPA website Member Forum where a button for the complimentary insurance is visible to Student and Associate Members. Click on the button and complete the form. Once you submit the form, your insurance with IHG will be confirmed.

Any Student or Associate Member of ACPA who is an existing IHG paying client is entitled to a refund from IHG.

The refund policy is a pro-rata return of the amount paid, however, IHG does not refund:
‐    any portion of the broker fee, and/or
‐    any amount owing for less than $25

Such Student or Associate Members simply need to request a cancellation of their current policy in writing. The two most important factors for these members to consider are:

Will I be lowering my policy limits?
Standard limits are $2m professional indemnity and $10m public liability

To apply for the complimentary insurance login to the Member Forum and the link to Obtain Complimentary Insurance is in the left hand sidebar. This link is only visible to Student and Associate Members of ACPA

ACPA receives no commission or financial incentive for its endorsement of the Insurance House Group. Before making any financial decision you should seek appropriate financial advice. ACPA accepts no liability or responsibility for the information provided on this site.

Insurance House Group

While ACPA receives no financial support from any insurance provider, we are pleased to confirm that our endorsed provider, the Insurance House Group, is fully compliant with AHPRA insurance requirements for registered psychologists.

To obtain a quote or apply for paid insurance as a Full Member of ACPA