ACPA Membership

ACPA consists of Members, each being an endorsed clinical psychologist who holds post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology. Some psychologists who are endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) as clinical psychologists, but who do not hold the accredited postgraduate qualifications in clinical psychology deemed necessary by the PsyBA, are not eligible for ACPA Membership. Full Members of ACPA have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Associate Membership is offered to graduates of accredited clinical psychology programs, who have not yet completed a registrar program for clinical psychology endorsement.

ACPA also offers Student Membership to those completing accredited postgraduate qualifications in clinical psychology, and Associate Membership for those who have completed an accredited Master degree, or equivalent, in clinical psychology and is undertaking, or eligible to undertake, a registrar program in clinical psychology.

Non-practising Membership is offered to all the above Members where they discontinue practice for a period of more than six months.

International Affiliates are offered membership where they have previously been an ACPA member and relocate overseas, or where they meet the ACPA standard for International Affiliates.

ACPA also extends a warm invitation to members of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists to enjoy seamless membership of ACPA as part of the mutually supportive relationship between our two associations.  NZCCP  members can join ACPA by simply submitting certified evidence of their membership of NZCCP and receive the same level of membership as enjoyed with the NZCCP.Please note, ACPA membership is valid for 12 months from the date of approval of membership by the ACPA Membership Committee. Renewal notices are sent by email to the address used as a login for your account when you apply for membership.

Membership Applications

ACPA offers 5 categories of Membership: Full Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Non-Practising Member, International Affiliate Member.

To check the type of Membership for which you are eligible, please select from the buttons on the left hand side bar and read about the requirements of the Membership types to ensure you meet the requirements and can supply the necessary documentation to support your application.

To apply for ACPA Membership click on Become an ACPA Member in the left hand side bar and click on the membership type for which you are applying.

Find a Clinical Psychologist (FACP) Directory Applications

Only Full Members of ACPA may be listed on the Find a Clinical Psychologist Directory (FACP). Application for listing on the Find a Clinical Psychologist Directory (FACP) may be made concurrently by those applying for Full Membership + FACP Listing. Similarly, you can renew your FACP Listing with your renewal. If you apply for Full Membership and later want to list on the FACP Directory you can do this via the member Forum.

Membership Renewals

Membership lasts for a full year. Membership is renewed on the anniversary of approval of membership of ACPA, or on a date set by the National Board. If you need to change your membership category at the time of renewal, and are a Student, Associate or International Member, please renew your current membership and then apply for a Change of Membership Category and submit the required documents. Your Membership will be upgraded free of charge. This allows a year of grace at the lower membership rate, and your Membership category will be upgraded when your documents are received, giving you access to all privileges of the new membership category. If you are a member changing to an International Affiliate, or Non-practising Member please contact

Find a Clinical Psychologist Directory Renewals (FACP)

FACP renewals are made at the time of Membership renewals, regardless of whether listing on the Directory occurred at the time of application for membership or later. No refund is available for listings of less than a year’s duration.

Membership Reinstatement

Membership that not renewed lapses, but can be reinstated by following the link and logging into the reinstatement application using the previous email address and password registered with ACPA. Your membership will be reinstated in your old membership category to give you access to the website. However, if you are changing your membership category at the same time, the payment will be made for the new category and you will need to send the required supporting documents to enable your membership category to be changed. Send supporting documentation to:

The Membership Committee, GPO Box 4489 SYDNEY, NSW 2001.

We are also now accepting supporting documentation by email to

If you have forgotten your login details, please email the ACPA office at

Change of Membership Category

Members can change their membership category as they progress in the profession from Student to Associate to Full Member, on becoming non-practising, or should they move overseas. No charge is made to change Membership category at the time of the change, but at renewal of membership the new charge will apply. To complete your Change of Membership Category you will need to submit the required documents to:

Membership Committee, GPO Box 4489 SYDNEY, NSW 2001.

We are also now accepting supporting documentation by email to

Associate Members upgrading to Full Members and wishing to be listed on the Find a Clinical Psychologist Directory need to submit an application separately for the Directory from within the Member Forum and pay the annual Directory charge.