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Australian Clinical Psychologist (ACP)

Journal of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)


The Australian Clinical Psychologist(ACP) journal seeks to  disseminate information, innovations, and practical applications related to the clinical psychological management and effective therapeutic interventions for individuals across the full life spectrum, families, and significant others. Its focus and scope is on the latest clinical theory and research relevant to clinical practice including assessment, treatment intervention, training, and professional issues.  The Australian Clinical Psychologist is published twice per year.

Editor: Professor Alexander Blaszczynski

School of Psychology, University of Sydney


Distributed to ACPA Members and subscribers in Australia and internationally. Content may include manuscripts in any substantive area of clinical psychology.



The Australian Clinical Psychologist (ACP) is the official e-journal of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA).  We invite contributions from clinicians, researchers and others on topics of clinical interest that are informative for clinical psychologists.  The scope of topics is broad and inclusive of covering assessment, treatment intervention, training and professional issues relevant to clinical psychology.  Emphasis is placed upon practical application.  The Australian Clinical Psychologist is published twice per year.

Types of Articles

The following types of submissions are invited:

  • Letters to the Editor and Comments
  • Opinion pieces
  • Articles of particular ethical and/or legal interest to the profession
  • Research or literature reviews
  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Technology updates
  • Student papers, including ‘PhD Spotlight’
  • Book reviews
  • General information and announcements.
Authors wishing to submit material should check the Author Submission G