Advertising Rates Australian Clinical Psychologist 2017


Full page                                                                                        $650.00 (+ GST)

Half page                                                                                        $350.00 (+ GST)

Quarter page                                                                                  $250.00 (+ GST)

Ads will be published online as ‘stand alone’ pieces, as well as within the body of the full PDF.


Multiple Insertions

Costs for multiple insertions shall be subject to negotiation with the Editorial Board.


Advertising Copy

Advertisements are to be presented complete in jpg file and/or format that will allow layout without need for format conversion. No charges will be levied for colour.


Notice to all advertisers

  1. Events or activities that will be advertised in the AUSTRALIAN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST will be those deemed of relevance to the ACPA membership.
  2. All applications and acceptance for advertising submitted to the AUSTRALIAN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST shall be subject to the consideration and discretion of the Editorial Board and the ACPA Board of Directors.
  3. Acceptance and publication of an advertisement is not an endorsement by ACPA of the event, activity or product.
  4. The topic of the event or activity shall not be similar to any upcoming official ACPA event.
  5. ACPA does not take responsibility for any copyright infringements related to the advertisement which is solely the responsibility of the person placing the advertisement.

110% discount for ACPA members

Fees may be waived in special circumstances e.g. ACPA events, important public announcements.

For advertising inquiries email the editor: