Editorial Policy & Scope

The Australian Clinical Psychologist(ACP) journal seeks to meet and advance the needs of its members and appropriately qualified mental health professionals in general by disseminating information, innovations, and practical applications related to the management and effective therapeutic interventions for individuals across the full life spectrum, families, and significant others. Its focus is on the latest clinical theory and research relevant to clinical practice including assessment, treatment intervention, training, and professional issues.  The Australian Clinical Psychologist is published twice per year.

The aims of the journal are to:

  • Advance excellence in clinical practice, therapeutic interventions, assessments, methods and theory;
  • Encourage consideration of the broad spectrum of theoretical and conceptual understandings of etiological models of mental health and disorders across practitioners;
  • Advance excellence by translating clinically relevant research findings into clinical practice;
  • Foster publications that critically analyse and evaluate theories and interventions, describe innovative methodological approaches and techniques;
  • Enhance community awareness of the strengths and contributions of clinical psychology and evidence-based best practice therapeutic endeavours.

The ACP journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts and articles that may include:

  • Letters to the Editor
  • General articles, viewpoints, opinions and comments
  • Articles of particular ethical and/or legal interest to the profession
  • Clinically oriented research and/or literature reviews
  • Theoretical and conceptual perspectives
  • Technological updates
  • Student papers, including “PhD spotlight’
  • Book reviews
  • General information and announcements

From time to time, ACP will call for submissions to special editions targeting specific topics or issues of interest. The Editorial Board welcomes contributions and suggestions for topics from the membership.

Submitted manuscripts will be subjected to single blind peer review following initial assessment at the editorial board level.