COVID-19 Better Access Psychology Services for Aged Care Residents

From December 2020, the Australian Government has expanded the Better Access program to allow residents of aged care facilities to receive Medicare-subsidised individual psychological services.

These provisions are available from 10th December 2020 until 30th June 2022.

Please note that there are separate item numbers for the provision of these services. These item numbers are only available for services delivered in person. Telehealth/phone items are not available for aged care residents.

Item numbers for delivery of psychological services to aged care residents

Clinical Psychologist/
BlockDurationItem Number
Clinical PsychologistInitial 1030-50 mins93375
Clinical PsychologistInitial 1050 mins +93376
Clinical PsychologistAdditional 1030-50 mins93312
Clinical PsychologistAdditional 1050 mins +93313
PsychologistInitial 1020-50 mins93316
PsychologistInitial 1050 mins +93319
PsychologistAdditional 1020-50 mins93381
PsychologistAdditional 1050 mins +93382

Please refer to the Department of Health website for further details.