ACPA Celebrates a New Home!

Having been supported and protected by the University of Sydney for seven years with the provision of an office for ACPA, the time has come for ACPA to come of age and leave ‘home’. To celebrate the opening of our own office at 350 George St, Sydney, a cocktail party was held in the lobby of the building on Friday 9th February, 2018. The celebration was attended by distinguished guests, past and present ACPA Board members and current Committee Chairs. A dinner was held afterwards at Intermezzo Restaurant in Martin Place. We celebrate ACPA!

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The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists join with Dr Judy Hyde to celebrate ACPA’s coming of age in the opening of the ACPA office at 350 George St Sydney
Luke Rowe, cultural advisor, NZCCP, Caroline Grieg, CEO NZCCP, Malcolm Stewart, President  NZCCP, Judy Hyde, President ACPA, Kris Garstang, Vice President NZCCP

Luke Rowe presents  Judy Hyde with a prized treasure, a  Taonga,  in celebration of ACPA’s new home

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Dr Judy Hyde, President of ACPA, welcomes ACPA to its new home and and thanks guests for sharing the celebrations

Dr Malcolm Stewart speaks of the maturing of ACPA and the warm, collegiate and mutually supportive relationship between NZCCP and ACPA, founded on the enormous support provided to ACPA at its inauguration
img_3649 Professor Brin Grenyer, Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia, shares the celebrations with Caroline Grieg, CEO, NZCCP and Dr Judy Hyde, President of ACPA Professor Caroline Hunt, Deputy Chair, Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, Mr Anthony Cichello, President of the Australian Psychological Society and Dr Judy Hyde, President of ACPA, share their love of clinical psychology 20180209_192258
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Titus Grenyer provides music on violin and a performance with the Greek Lyre to the delight of all

Pride of Place!