Non-Practising Membership
Non-Practising Membership

Non-Practising Membership is for those members of the clinical psychology profession working in the area of clinical psychology, but not actively practising as a clinical psychologist, or who are retired, or on extended leave from practice.

Requirements for Non-Practising Membership
  • Meet the requirements for Full or Associate Membership of ACPA and
  • On extended (e.g. maternity) leave or
  • Retired from professional practice  or
  • Are conducting clinical psychology work not involving clinical practice
Supporting documents required for Non-Practising Membership:
  • Certified* copies of any documents listing any change/s of name/s (if relevant) and
  • Certified* copies of testamur/s (degree/s) OR certified copy of transcripts containing itemised subjects (Please note documents will not be returned.).
    N.B. Those holding overseas qualifications are required to also hold endorsement by the Psychology Board of Australia as a clinical psychologist prior to application and to submit testamurs (endorsed after November, 2006) or full academic transcripts (endorsed prior to November, 2006) (Please note documents will not be returned) and
  • Evidence of current engagement in work in relation to clinical psychology that does not involve practice as a clinical psychologist,
  • OR written communication stating you are retired or on extended leave.

*Applicants must show evidence through documentation certified by a signatory from the list at:

N.B. Post-graduate qualifications obtained overseas in clinical psychology and completed prior to November, 2006 will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Send documents to: ACPA Membership Committee | GPO Box 4489 SYDNEY, NSW 2001, Australia.

Please note, membership is valid for 12 months from the date of acceptance of your membership by the ACPA Membership Committee. Renewal notices are sent by email to the address you use as a login for your account when you apply for membership.

Make an application for Non-Practising Membership

To apply for ACPA Non-Practising Membership click on Apply for ACPA Membership in the left hand side bar and click on Non-Practising Membership and complete the form. To complete your application you will then need to send your documentation to:

The ACPA Membership Committee

GPO Box 4489


Please do not submit documents via a third party. These will not be accessed by ACPA as this is a means of distributing malware. Please download documents, have them certified as true copies by another professional, and send via email to

Processing of Membership applications and changes to Membership categories takes up to three weeks