President’s Address

Clinical psychologists have expertise in dealing with issues of mental health and disorders of mental health. The standard for endorsement of clinical psychologists in Australia was established by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) in 2010, and brings Australian expectations into line with the high standards accepted for clinical psychology training internationally.  The PsyBA standard specifies four years of post-graduate training in clinical psychology. This may be undertaken as a two-year accredited Master’s degree followed by a two-year registrar program of supervised practice; or a three-year accredited Doctoral degree followed by a one-year registrar program of supervised practice.

The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) is the key organisation in Australia established to solely represent, promote and support the needs of accredited post-graduate trained clinical psychologists.  ACPA’s mission is to ensure that the Australian public can continue to expect high training standards in their health practitioners.

As not all practitioners who are titled clinical psychologists in Australia have the accepted accredited postgraduate training, ACPA enables members of the public, government bodies, educational organisations and other health professionals to identify those clinical psychologists who have undertaken accredited professional training in clinical psychology.

ACPA plays an increasing role in bringing to the awareness of Government, the Opposition, other health professionals and the public, the expertise of qualified clinical psychologists in mental health.

Dr. Judy Hyde
Inaugural President ACPA

April 2017