President’s Address

The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) is the only organisation in Australia that solely represents accredited postgraduate trained clinical psychologists. As not all practitioners who are titled clinical psychologists in Australia have the accredited postgraduate training that is now the standard set by the Psychology Board of Australia, ACPA membership enables the public, government bodies, educational organisations and other health professionals to identify those clinical psychologists who have undertaken accredited postgraduate training in the specialty area of clinical psychology. Such training ensures that these clinical psychologists have advanced understanding of psychological disorders and mental health, and specialised knowledge and skills to assess and treat a wide variety of moderate to severe mental health conditions.

We strongly believe that mental health services in Australia can only benefit from us aiming for the highest training standards of our practitioners, that services provided should align to practitioner competencies, and that highly trained clinical psychologists are central in all future models of mental health services. It is the job of ACPA to lobby on behalf of the Australian public and our members to ensure that Government plans and policies are informed by these principles.

Associate Professor Vida Bliokas
President, ACPA
August 2018