Reinstating an Expired Membership
Welcome back to ACPA!

We are delighted you wish to reinstate your ACPA membership. Your support through your membership is much appreciated and enables ACPA to function and represent you and other qualified clinical psychologists.

To Reinstate an Expired Membership in the same Membership category as previously held simply complete and submit the form for the same category of membership that you wish to reinstate.

To reinstate an Expired Membership in a Different Membership Category from that previously held complete and submit a Reinstate Your Membership form for the new membership category for which you wish to apply, check the documents required for that category, and send these to:

The ACPA Membership Committee

GPO Box 4489


If you have forgotten your login email address or have any difficulties or questions, please contact


Please do not submit documents via a third party. Please download documents, have them certified as true copies by another professional, and send via email to

Please note that processing of your reinstatement will be immediate; however, if a change of membership category is also within the application, this will take up to three weeks once all documents are received.