Australian Clinical Psychologist
Australian Clinical Psychologist
Editorial Policy and Author Guidelines

The Australian Clinical psychologist (ACP) provides for the dissemination of knowledge on topics of interest informative to clinical psychologists. Its focus is on the latest clinical theory and research relevant to clinical practice including assessment, treatment intervention, training and professional issues.

Submissions to the ACP may include:

  • Letters to the Editor
  • General articles, viewpoints, opinions and comments
  • Articles of particular ethical and/or legal interest to the profession
  • Research / literature reviews
  • Theoretical perspectives
  • Student news and viewpoints
  • Book reviews
  • General information and announcements
  • Research papers are not accepted as the ACP is not an academic peer reviewed journal.

From time to time, the ACP will focus upon topics or issues of interest and call for submissions accordingly. The ACPA Editorial Board welcomes contributions and suggestions for topics from the membership.

Author Guidelines

Please observe the following word limits:

Feature, General and Research Review: 1000 – 1500 words

Please use Australian-English spelling. References should be in APA style. Due to word limitations an abstract is not necessary.

A brief biography should accompany articles with names of all authors, qualifications, affiliations and email (unless otherwise stated).

Please ensure that submissions are made by the stated deadline. Late submissions may not be accepted.

Authors may expect the Editorial Committee to review and change content for clarity and style as necessary. The Editorial Committee will endeavor to make any significant revisions in consultation with the author. The Editor reserves the right to include or reject written works at any point in the publication process.

Copyright: Copyright with all papers rests with author/s unless otherwise stated