The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) is the only national organisation solely representing clinical psychologists who hold accredited post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology that meet the criteria established by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) for endorsement in clinical psychology.
The mission of ACPA is:

Specialist recognition

ACPA  supports the recognition of clinical psychology as a clearly identifiable area of expertise in mental health, promotes the identification of clinical psychologists with accredited post-graduate qualifications to enable them to be distinguished for their expertise in mental health by the public and other health professions. ACPA strongly supports and promotes the granting of specialist recognition to those clinical psychologists with accredited post-graduate qualifications and training in clinical psychology.


ACPA provides and promotes ongoing training and learning of best practices within clinical psychology and other mental health professions to enhance services provided to the public.


ACPA advocates to government, professional and academic organisations, other health professions, and the public about standards of mental health practice. ACPA also aims to promote to these bodies the benefits provided by the expertise of qualified clinical psychologists.

International Standards

ACPA recognises the need for clinical psychology in Australia to meet international standards. It is anticipated that, in the context of standards being raised within the profession, in the future ACPA will raise the entry level of membership for new graduates to doctoral level. ACPA advocates for its members with international bodies.