Member Benefits

ACPA is operated by clinical psychologists for clinical psychologists. As a member of ACPA you will be represented by a professional body that seeks to ensure the ongoing protection and promotion of the specialisation of clinical psychology. You will become part of a collegial professional community that shares resources, ideas and opportunities for continuing professional development, as well as support and professional viewpoints.

Benefits of membership include:

Recognition of qualifications

ACPA Membership offers identification as a qualified clinical psychologist who holds an accredited postgraduate degree in clinical psychology.

ACPA Membership entitles Full Members to use the letters MACPA after their name to identify for the public and referring agents that they are a clinical psychologist who has undergone an accredited postgraduate degree in clinical psychology, and practices to a recognised standard. Associate Members may use the letters AMACPA.


Promotion of the Specialised Expertise of Accredited Clinical Psychologists

ACPA represents its members and their interests to Government, professional, educational and other bodies in the best interests of the public. It endeavours to inform these bodies and other groups of the qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities of its members to enable their differentiation from other health professionals.

ACPA actively and specifically promotes the expertise of clinical psychologists with accredited post-graduate training in the speciality area.


Find a Clinical Psychologist Directory

ACPA offers a complimentary national referral service through our Find a Clinical Psychologist directory to full members. Our Find a Clinical Psychologist directory allows members of the public to search for and make contact with ACPA clinical psychologists with appropriate expertise for their presenting concerns.  


Complimentary Student and Associate Member Insurance and access to excellent Professional Indemnity Insurance for all Members

Student and Associate Members of ACPA are eligible for complimentary AHPRA-compliant professional practice Insurance (includes Professional indemnity, Public and Product liability) from To obtain this complimentary insurance login to the website, complete and submit the form.

All members of ACPA can purchase AHPRA-compliant Professional Indemnity Insurance at extremely competitive rates from


Access to CPD Video Library of Master Therapists

ACPA provides access to a large library of video recordings of leading Master Therapists demonstrating or discussing their work, or providing training programs. These recordings have been specifically selected to enhance the knowledge and skills of clinical psychologists, and the collection is refreshed annually.


Access to the Oxford Clinical Psychology online library of texts and resources

ACPA provides members with access to the Oxford Clinical Psychology online library of textbooks and resources via our institutional membership.


Access to ProQuest academic journals and databases

Through the ACPA website, members are able to access and search the thousands of academic journals, through our institutional subscription with ProQuest. Search the academic databases and stay up to date with the latest clinical psychology research findings.


ACPA Connect - Members-Only discussion forum

Members are able to connect with other members for discussion, sharing of resources, and support, via our members-only ACPA Connect forum.

Access to ACPA's Ethics Support and Advisory Service

Members can get ethics support and advice via the ACPA Ethics Support and Advisory Service (ESAS).


Discounted rates for the ACPA National Conference and all ACPA events

ACPA's annual national conference is a well-attended and popular CPD and networking event, and ACPA members receive members-only discounted registration rates. Members also receive member discounts for the wide range of CPD events and activities put on by ACPA each year. 


Active Support for Students

Students are the future of ACPA and the specialisation of clinical psychology. ACPA values student members and offers:

  1. Free ACPA Membership with no joining fee.
  2. Substantially reduced rates for ACPA educational and professional events.
  3. A mentoring program to assist in the entry into professional practice post-training.
  4. A student prize, the Malcolm Macmillan prize, offered annually for an outstanding Three Minute Thesis video submission submitted by a student to the Committee.
  5. Student-focussed events specifically for student members.