About ACPA

Our Vision

ACPA’s vision is that every Australian has access to quality mental health care and that all Australian’s can benefit from the expertise and high-quality service that clinical psychologists provide.

Our Mission

ACPA actively advances the recognition of clinical psychology as a clearly identifiable area of expertise. ACPA’s mission is to promote the role and the expertise of qualified clinical psychologists to the benefit of the Australian public, ACPA’s members and the profession. We are committed to ensuring and advocating the highest training standards and the best practices for ongoing training and learning within clinical psychology.  

ACPA - Value Proposition

The value proposition of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) is that it is a national organisation that solely represents accredited postgraduate trained clinical psychologists across Australia. ACPA was founded to promote and advocate for clinical psychology. Specifically, ACPA offers the following value propositions:

Advocacy: ACPA advocates for the highest standards of ethical and evidence-based practice in the field of clinical psychology. This includes engaging with policymakers, providing expert advice on mental health issues, and promoting public awareness of the importance of mental health.
Professional Development: ACPA provides a range of professional development opportunities for its members, including workshops, conferences, and webinars. These opportunities help members stay up-to-date with the latest research, techniques, and trends in the field of clinical psychology.
Networking: ACPA provides opportunities for members to connect with other clinical psychologists across Australia. This allows members to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build professional relationships that can lead to new opportunities and referrals.
Access to Resources: ACPA provides access to a range of resources for its members, including research articles, clinical tools, and other resources that can support their practice.

Overall, ACPA's value proposition is to support and promote the professional development, networking, advocacy, and access to resources for clinical psychologists in Australia.

Our Objectives

  • To promote international standards for clinical psychology in Australia
  • To provide ongoing education and training for the mental health workforce
  • To promote competence and ethical practice in clinical psychology
  • To support research in clinical psychology
  • To foster the development of new members of the profession of clinical psychology
  • To liaise, advocate for, represent and promote the benefits of qualified clinical psychologists to government
  • To liaise, advocate for, represent, and promote the benefits of qualified clinical psychologists to the public
  • To tender advice to institutions involved in the training and education of clinical psychologists on matters relevant to such training and education
  • To liaise, advocate for, represent, and promote benefits for Australian Clinical Psychology Association Limited members
  • To enter into any such financial arrangements as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all Australian Clinical Psychology Association Limited’s objectives