Non-Practising Membership

Non-Practising Membership is for those members of the clinical psychology profession working in the area of clinical psychology, but not actively practising as a clinical psychologist, or who are retired, or on extended leave from practice.

Requirements for Non-Practising Membership

To be eligible for Non-Practising Membership of ACPA you must:

  • Be on extended (e.g. maternity/paternity/parental) leave or
  • Have retired from professional practice or
  • Are conducting clinical psychology work not involving clinical practice


Supporting documents required for Non-Practising Membership:

  • Evidence of current engagement in work in relation to clinical psychology that does not involve practice as a clinical psychologist OR
  • written communication stating you are retired or on extended leave.

Apply for Non-Practising Membership

Documents must be submitted electronically during the application process. Please note that the documents do not need to be certified copies. 


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